Why Collocations are Important in PTE Exam.
6 July 2023


To perform well in the PTE exam, it is crucial to develop a strong awareness of collocations and practice using them appropriately in various contexts. By incorporating collocations into your speaking and writing tasks, you can enhance your language skills and improve your overall performance in the exam.

1. Vocabulary and Lexical Resource: Collocations demonstrate your understanding of how words commonly go together in English. They showcase your ability to use appropriate and natural combinations of words, which enhances your overall vocabulary and lexical resource.

2. Fluency and Coherence: Using collocations appropriately helps in achieving fluency and coherence in your spoken and written responses. It shows that you can express yourself effectively and smoothly, using the right phrases and expressions in a cohesive manner.

3. Lexical Complexity: PTE assesses your ability to use a range of vocabulary, including idiomatic and advanced language. Collocations contribute to the lexical complexity of your responses and indicate that you have a solid grasp of the language beyond basic vocabulary.

4. Contextual Understanding: PTE evaluates your comprehension of context and your ability to choose the most suitable words in different situations. Collocations reflect your understanding of how words interact and depend on each other within specific contexts, showcasing your language proficiency.

5. Scoring Criteria: PTE examiners assess your performance based on specific scoring criteria, such as vocabulary range, accuracy, and appropriateness. Effective usage of collocations can significantly contribute to your scores in these criteria.

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